We are pioneers in technology development, quality standard and raw material for the production of a wide range of filter elements and industrial textile products.


Remae was founded in 1956 by Eckhard Stauch. The company manufactured synthetic textiles for industrial use initially. Over the years, Remae has specialized in the filtration segment, offering the industrial market a wide range of products and services intended to specific needs of each client.

In 1971, Remae expands its structure and opens a specialized section for silo manufacturing. It was a long process of Brazilian and international research in order to produce flexible and dismountable silos to store solid products in bulk.

Remae is based on tradition and experience, and exports to several countries in Latin America, Asia and Oceania, offering solutions to several segments, as petrochemical, steel, mining, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries and others.

The permanent concern with the environment and system maintenance which certifies the quality, Remae could obtain ISO 9001 Certification with SGS in 2007.

Along with its own weaving mill and manufacturing in São Paulo, Remae relies on its highly skilled and qualified staff and suppliers so that a customized service can be offered, and technical and productive particularities of the clients can be met.

Tradition, technical skills, excellence in the material and trustful service: these are some elements which are parts of the five successful decades of Remae.

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